Real Stories

Who we help

The Link Foundation has helped many families in different circumstances and therefore in different ways. With our focus on the children, here are just a few examples that demonstrate how TLF offers practical help where it matters most.

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Below are some of the Applications we have received in recent months:

Application One

A Family Nurse referred a family asking for some help to furnish the new flat they had just been allocated by the council. A mother with a very young baby needed a washing machine to be able to wash hers and her baby’s clothes and bedding efficiently. The young mum’s own mother had died in a house fire during her infancy and so she had been bought up by her aunt. However she fell pregnant and there was no room for her and her baby. The father was not around and her aunt had her own family to support so the young mum and her baby had to move into council rented accommodation. The Link Foundation was able to help towards the cost of a washing machine by providing Argos vouchers.

Application Two

A mother was referred to us recently who was in desperate need of any help The Link Foundation could provide. She has two young sons who, along with her, had been made homeless due to their father defending his 2 children from a previous marriage over them and forcing them to move out. He had caused the mum to argue in front of the children which has left both young boys very upset by the situation. She was made homeless in October 2013 and has only just been given an unfurnished home by the council. The mother now needs to find help to furnish her home for her two boys and make a new start in life as safely and comfortably as they can. The Link Foundation helped by providing £200 of vouchers for her to buy things as simple as a kettle and bed sheets for the boys.

Application Three

A Family in very sad circumstances came to us asking for help with the cost of childcare for the 3 month old son. During pregnancy the mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and she is awaiting treatment for Chemo and Radio Therapy. The father had taken a lot of time off work to care for both his wife and his child, but could not take much more off. They were asking for help with childcare for the day after the mother’s treatment as she would be tired and sick and the father could not take the extra time off work. They are both very anxious not to let her illness affect their boy’s childhood and give him as normal a life as it is possible to. The Link Foundation helped with the cost of childcare for one day a week so mum could spend time to recuperate and grow her strength.

A Father and his son needed help with pre-school fees.

A Family came to us in desperate need for sessions at a pre-school in the Berkshire area for their son as the mother has got a brain tumour which was diagnosed just before she gave birth. Mum is now palliative and  the father has been visiting her at a hospice where she is being taken care of, but felt he could not bring their son with him as it is upsetting and stressful for the young boy. The sessions at a pre-school would keep him in care while his father can be with his mother as much as possible and it also provides a structured routine for the 2 year old boy. The Link Foundation has provided over 40 sessions for this young boy where he attends twice a week, giving the father time with his wife alone knowing that their son is safe and cared for. The mother unfortunately passed away a couple of months after we granted the pre-school sessions and both father and son are coping well.

A boy with a genetic disorder needed help with Physiotherapy.

In 2013 we were able to assist in helping a family who have a son with an un-diagnosed genetic disorder which gives him spasms in his muscles and affects his digestive system. The boy can get very upset due to the many medications he is on causing him to tug on his mother’s hair. The family moved from London as it was too expensive to rent there, yet they still have to pay a high mortgage in Berkshire; with only the father still working in London and the mother acting as a full time carer for her son their finances are very tight. The family needed to buy equipment to help their son such as a special car seat and bath chair and simply could not afford to do so. The Link Foundation was able to help with a sensory pyramid which would aim to help the young boy’s motor skills as well as give him confidence. Once the pyramid was received mum sent us an email telling us that even after a week they had begun to see developmental progress. He had previously been very resistant to physiotherapy but the pyramid had made the routine far less stressful and upsetting for him. Without help from The Link Foundation the family would not have been able to provide the pyramid for their boy as some national charities had turned them down due to the fact dad still worked in London. The pyramid has changed all of their lives for the better and the son wants to keep fighting to overcome his disorder.

When a father suddenly gained custody of his children, he turned to The Link Foundation for help.

We had a father come to us in desperate need when he started to take care of his four children. The father had been living as a single man with a friend when suddenly social services contacted him saying they had to take the children out of their mothers care and place them all in his care. The father was moved to emergency accommodation with his children and gave up his job to look after the four children full time. A few months later he moved into private rental accommodation but had no general belongings to take with him for the children. He asked The Link Foundation for items as simple as a toaster, bedding and cutlery for his children to eat with. He wanted to have a home for the children to call their own and feel safe and secure and confident in and the father worked very hard to give them this all while attending a court case to gain full custody of his children. The Link Foundation was able to help him purchase the items and make the childrens’ quality of life much better.