Healthcare & Education Professionals

Uniquely, we work very closely with local partners such as healthcare and educational professionals who are right at the heart of the community and can identify, and refer to us, the children who will most benefit from our help.

All our partners, including Health Visitors, Family Nurses, School and Nursery Staff, Community Groups, Local Charity Staff, Social Services and Domestic Violence Workers are vital to us.

We only accept applications through our partners, who use our specially designed forms to indicate their support of the application.

They also know the many deserving families whose children may need our help but would not necessarily ask for it. Given that The Link Foundation is staffed entirely by volunteers and we do not have the resources to visit and verify all applications made, this support is invaluable.

It also means we can operate on a tiny infrastructure and, as a result, an incredible 97% of all funds raised goes directly to the children and their families.