Local Partners

Uniquely, we work very closely with local partners such as healthcare and educational professionals who are right at the heart of the community and can identify, and refer to us, the children who will most benefit from our help.

All our partners, including Health Visitors, Family Nurses, School and Nursery Staff, Community Groups, Local Charity Staff, Social Services and Domestic Violence Workers are vital to us. We only accept applications through our partners, who use our specially designed forms to indicate their support of the application.

They also know the many deserving families whose children may need our help but would not necessarily ask for it. Given that The Link Foundation is staffed entirely by volunteers and we do not have the resources to visit and verify all applications made, this support is invaluable. It also means we can operate on a tiny infrastructure and, as a result, an incredible 97% of all funds raised goes directly to the children and their families.

Become a Partner

Email us now

We would be delighted to discuss this with you further. Please call Una Loughrey on 01628 400600 or email una@linkfoundation.co.uk


Family Friends

Family Friends is a local charity (registered charity no. 1061057) that aims to help families from all walks of life who are experiencing short-term difficulties, such as illness or isolation. The charity relies on trained volunteers who understand the stresses of bringing up children, and who can provide practical support, or just friendship, to parents who do not have friends or family they can turn to.

Website: www.family-friends.org.uk

Volunteers are able to spend a couple of hours a week with parents – and often this is enough to prevent short-term difficulties from becoming long-term problems. Sometimes, though, additional support is needed. TLF is in a position to provide funding towards, for example, respite child-care, to give parents time out to do the things they need to do to get back on their feet.


Sir William Borlase Grammar School

Sir William Borlase school is located in Marlow and has helped by fundraising for The Link Foundation through class events such as bake sales and sports day drinks stalls.


website: http://www.swbgs.com/index.php

East Berkshire Women’s Aid

Based in Slough, EBWA was originally set up as a charity in 1976 (registered charity no. 272579). It is affiliated to the Women’s Aid Federation of England, whose aim is to provide help, support and advice to women and children fleeing domestic violence. EBWA currently offers services including temporary emergency accommodation, outreach and resettlement support.

Website: www.womensaid.org.uk

In keeping with the objectives of TLF, all funds donated by us must be seen to have a direct benefit for children. With help from TLF, for example, EBWA was able to provide a much-needed short break to Butlins for 5 families from the refuge. Money was also used to buy a table and chairs for the dining room at the refuge, as well as some garden equipment.


St. Piran’s School

Locally based in Maidenhead St. Piran’s has done a lot of work to raise money for the link foundation after choosing us as their charity of choice for 2013-2014 year. Their events have included a stunning ball with an Alice in Wonderland theme, and lots of auction prizes to bid on. The children at the school have raised money through setting up different stalls at their annual fete and wearing trainers for a day. We look forward to continue working with St. Piran’s for the rest of the academic year.

website: http://www.stpirans.co.uk/

In keeping with the objectives of TLF, all funds donated by us must be seen to have a direct benefit for children. With help from TLF, for example, EBWA was able to provide a much-needed short break to Butlins for 5 families from the refuge. Money was also used to buy a table and chairs for the dining room at the refuge, as well as some garden equipment.


Home Start Slough

Home Start Slough is affiliated to Home Start UK, but is a registered charity in its own right (registered charity no. 1054713), operating in Slough and Burnham. It aims to prevent family crisis and breakdown by intervening at an early stage through trained volunteers, providing weekly one-to-one support at home to families with young children who are under stress.

Website: www.hsslough.co.uk/


The Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

As we work very closely with health visitors throughout the Berkshire area the Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust is a relationship which is very important to us. We rely on BHFT to refer families to us who they have worked with and feel are in the most need of The Link Foundation’s help, and we in turn strive to help the families they feel are the most disadvantaged.


website: http://www.berkshirehealthcare.nhs.uk/

Application Process

Over the years we have built up such good working relationships with the referees that we often call them our partners. We invariably know who the referee is when we receive an application form and where they are based. This is not to say that we don’t meet new referees because we quite often do!


We hold a Trustees meeting once a month, normally a Wednesday mid-month (please see our events page) and during this meeting we review and make a decision on each application. We always aim to help as many of the applications as we can, budget permitting. We help families by providing either Argos or Tesco vouchers. Argos vouchers are used to purchase white goods like washing machines, fridge freezers and cookers. Tesco vouchers are be used for clothing, food, school uniforms or baby essentials.
Recently we have received a lot of incomplete application forms, specifically not being signed off by the referee. It is crucial for us to see that the referee authorises each application form in order for us to approve them. Sometimes applications are sent to us on faxed or photocopied forms, which we do not accept. All forms have to be on our original headed paper in order for us to track them. We are audited once a year so it is imperative that we keep a strict procedure in place.

Section 1

Section 1 should only be completed by the referee and this is because we send vouchers directly to the referee and never the applicant. Upon receipt of the vouchers the referee is responsible for passing them on to their client.

Section 2

Section 2 should be completed and signed by the applicant with the help of the referee. It is important that application forms are completed with the family present, so that the referee can capture as much information as possible with their client, although we fully appreciate the time constraints that Health Visitors and other officials are under.

Section 3

Section 3 must be signed off by the referee along with the items listed and the amount being requested. Applications should be sent to Sasha Bardwell at: The Link Foundation, The Old Barrel Store, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 2FF. For more application forms, please contact Sasha Bardwell on: